About the Vocational Ministry Program

We believe that even one inspired Christian can change the dynamic of a willing congregation. By doing this the church may be able to sustain itself without additional outside support; and may even grow to be better recognized in the communities around them.

For now, our efforts are focused on the aid for the churches that are in Minnesota.

This work is under the oversight of the men at the Mankato church of Christ.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help grow the churches of Christ by aiding in the transplant of mission minded brethren. We believe that by doing this we can help to foster the commission that Christ gave to us all in Matthew 28:19

 Our Vision
Our Vision for this ministry is to be an aid in the relocation of evangelistically minded people to areas where the church could use some mutual encouragement, fresh ideas and willing workers. We work in the hope that by helping each church to share in the wealth of our numbers we may also help them to become more grounded in their local communities.

Our Cause – Per research done in 2016 – 

In the last 25 years, or so, 874 churches of Christ have shut their doors and closed down. Of those, 147 were closed within just 3 years – 2012-2015. Depending on where one might call home, an individual may not even notice that an hour’s drive could be taken and still only come across a single church. Yet, for many, that church is the place where they have come to rely on as the place where they can break bread and connect with other brethren.