Are you desiring to participate, but unable to pull up your tent? 

We’d be happy to help you help us as we raise funds that can assist us as we support anyone with the flexibility to transition away from their homes. While many know Minnesota for its unusually hot summers, they sometimes, often, forget about the unusually tundra-like winters. It isn’t always easy to prepare for a nice blizzard that strikes from out of the cloudy gray sky. Fortunately we have gotten very good at building warm homes and brewing a hot cup of cocoa. That’s one of the many things we aim to support in this ministry…

Ministry Support Programs

Climate Preparedness – in northern states
Moving Cost Assistance – as needed
College Readiness Support – for potential transfer students
Career Searching Assistance
– With your support, we can also expand our evangelism efforts by taking on seasonal interns that are interested in joining in this mission, but may be uncertain of the longer commitment. Along with that we can also take some time out to build better connections with churches that need support or may want to meet us in person as we receive their financial resources.
Ideally, we can help more than just our own congregation as we spread awareness about this ministry. The costs are meant to be minimal in that our transplants don’t have to rely on the program in order to sustain themselves. All the while, we can have hope that the Lord will bless these efforts as we grow and expand beyond our own four walls. The ‘Vocational Ministry’ program and all associated financial contributions are under the oversight of the men of the Mankato church of Christ.


Mankato Church of Christ 1210 Warren St. Mankato, MN 56001