Support this Work

The purpose of our fundraising is to make the transition experience easier for individuals and families who move to the Mid-north in order to strengthen a small congregation.

The Vocational Ministry Program and all associated financial contributions are under the oversight of the eldership at the Mankato Church of Christ.

Our budget includes provisions for:

  • Vocational Internships, allowing those interested to visit the area and consider career and living arrangements.
  • Potential assistance with moving costs and temporary rent for new Vocational Ministers.
  • Recruitment trips to spread the word about this opportunity and to raise more support.

The beauty of the vocational model is that financial investments go towards one-time expenses (relocation) that yield ongoing benefits (self-supporting ministers).

Our projected five-year budget will be reevaluated at the end of each year.  Therefore, financial support from outside congregations or individuals is currently solicited only for our first year, with reevaluation and potential continuing support thereafter.

Program Coordinator: Alan Cantrell
(615) 448-8042

Contact Elder: Ron Maynard
(612) 963-2808

Mankato Church of Christ:
1210 Warren St. Mankato, MN 56001